Emirates Baggage Allowance

Emirates Airlines is known as one of those unique airlines that has the most generous baggage policies. In Emirates, the economy class customers have a baggage allowance of 30 Kg. alternatively; the business class travelers can carry 40 Kg checked baggage for themselves. However, if you are a flyer on first class package, you may travel with 50 Kg of checked baggage.

However, these are the basic rates that may apply to any part of the world except Canada, USA and Brazil. For these countries, you may need to use the special Emirates Baggage Calculator which may be available to you on the following website link:

You should know that by using this calculator, if your Baggage allowance exceeds 32 Kg (71 lb), the Dubai Civil Aviation strictly prohibits the acceptance of any piece of baggage, which has a weight over 32 Kg, inside or outside of the Dubai International Airport.

For Cabin baggage, Emirates allows first and business class passengers to carry two pieces of carry-on baggage with them; which may include one briefcase and either a handbag or a garment bag and all of this is subject to the following size and weight limitations.

  1. The briefcase should have the dimensions of 45 cm x 35 cm x 20 cm or (18 x 14 x 8) inches
  2. The handbag should have dimensions of 55 cm x 38 cm x 20 cm or (22 x 15 x 8)
  3. The garment bag should have dimensions of 20 cm or 8 inches thick, when folded;

It must be known that while duty free purchases of liquor, cigarettes, or perfume is permitted but in reasonable quantities, exceptions now apply with new restrictions on liquids brought into subject, regarding they should be duly consulted from Emirates. In Economy class, passengers are permitted only one piece of carry-on baggage and it is subject to the limitation of handbag dimensions not exceeding 55 cm x 38 cm x 20 cm. Furthermore, the weight must not exceed 7 Kg or 15 Lbs.

With regards to cabin baggage, Emirates suggests that all the cabin baggage should be of such size that may fit under the front seat of every passenger; or it may easily fit in one of the overhead lockers. It must also be known that the placement of briefcases, bags or any other items between the legs is not permitted and it is extremely essential that a cabin baggage does not in any case may obstruct the aisles or any emergency exits.

For cabin baggage allowance, Emirates particularly focuses on the limitation of weight which helps minimize the risk of injury to the passengers, if, incidentally, the bag may fall from an overhead locker. For safety purposes, it is the policy of Emirates that they do not allow the passengers to carry any baggage on the passenger seating. Only diplomatic bags, musical instruments or valuables may be carried in this particular manner.